Two Hills and Area Helmet Safety Initiative

A committee has been formed to address the lack of bicycle helmet use by community youth when they are riding their bicycles and to educate parents about the importance of helmet use and the need for safe riding practices to protect their children.


Our Main Objectives

1. Increasing awareness of the importance of wearing bicycle helmets.

2. Engaging children and youth in activities that will increase helmet use.

We have already seen success in bringing all the partners together and creating one approach to the issue. Helmet use had been worked on independently by Family Community Support Services (FCSS), Victim Services, the Mennonite School, and the Fire Department in the past on a number of occasions. This time the group came together, discussed what worked and had not worked in the past, and created a work plan to address the issue. All members have been very engaged in the process and have taken responsibility for the success of the project.

Getting Youth Involved!

As part of our project Alberta Health Services, RCMP and EMS conducted helmet safety presentations to grades K-6 in the Two Hills School, Two Hills Mennonite School and the New Myrnam School. During the helmet safety presentations we launched the committee’s initiative of a poster contest focusing on helmet safety.

We received over 300 submissions for the poster contest! The winning posters from each grade received a prize and the posters were turned into banners focusing on “No helmet, No bike” that are utilized in the communities throughout the year to continue to remind bicyclists, parents and motorists. We also attended the Two Hills Agri-Days trade fair booth to promote helmet use.

So far, the first project resulted in an identified increase in helmet use by children and youth cycling in the community.

We are continuing to meet as a committee and are excited to reinforce the message about the importance of wearing helmets when bicycling and expand our program to include all helmet safety, including wearing helmets during other activities such as riding ATVs, horseback riding, and skiing.


Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you about our Helmet Safety Initiative! If you'd like to learn more, you can contact Joanne Stewart, Community Health Facilitator, at or 780-631-0032.