Communities around Alberta are working together to address local traffic safety issues. Help inspire more communities to take action by sharing how you addressed a priority traffic safety challenge!

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Consider the following tips and prompts before submitting. You do not need to answer all these questions or only these questions – they are simply to help you draft your story.

-Focus on a particular project/topic and keep the story short and concise.

-Use simple wording and explain jargon, technical language, or acronyms.

-Describe what prompted you to start your project (e.g. a challenge, event, situation, opportunity, etc.). Why was it important to you and your community?

-What did you do to address your challenge(s)? What main activities were a part of your project? When and where did these activities take place?

-Who did you collaborate with?

-What barriers did you have? How did you overcome them?

-What was the outcome of your project? For example, how many people attended/were impacted by it? What was the community response? Were there any unexpected results? Is any part continuing after the initial project is finished?

-What advice would you give others doing the same thing?

-If you are comfortable with others contacting you or your organization for more information, please include contact information in your story text.

-Include social media handles if you use social channels. If you use YouTube, include the video url and we can embed it in your story.

-When uploading photos and images, use the highest resolution possible. We recommend using images that are at least 1,000px wide.