Leduc PARTY Program

The City of Leduc Fire Services re-tooled their PARTY Program to teach students about making informed choices.


After a 5-year hiatus, the City of Leduc Fire Services re-tooled their PARTY Program and developed it to be compatible to a half-day experience for the students. The premise was to teach students how to make good choices, and show them how their lives would be affected should they require emergency services. The collision portion of the PARTY program was not included in the Fire Services program plan.

EVENT DAY: City of Leduc invited the Office of Traffic Safety to participate in the half-day event and offer analysis and support to Leduc Fire Services based on the expertise of the program and community data from other PARTY Programs.


Working with the PARTY team, the Office of Traffic Safety considered more enhanced engagement with the students, discussed re-occurring subject matter expert roles, and supported the amount of work the PARTY Program team had developed. The PARTY team was able to continue to build their program, take it to another municipality, and as of the end of January 2019, presented the program to over 455 students.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of such a program for my community and our teenage population. Having the support of Alberta Transportation, Office of Traffic Safety is an asset to my team and very instrumental on ensuring that we continue to provide this pivotal program for our region.
Chief George Clancy, Leduc Fire Services