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Candy Cane Checkstops

Candy Cane Safety Checkstops were held in the Tri-Region to encourage motorists to drive safely over the winter holidays.

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With the holiday season upon us Spruce Grove Protective Services in partnership with Stony Plain Enforcement Services, Parkland County Enforcement Services, their respective Fire Departments, MADD Parkland Chapter, Parkland Funeral Services, Alberta Fish & Wildlife and Tuber Towing & Recovery held their annual Candy Cane Safety Checkstops in December.

The Candy Cane Safety Checkstops are positive and festive events in which motorists are engaged and reminded to drive safe over the winter holidays. Motorists are reminded to have their vehicles prepared for the winter conditions, to wear their seat belts, adhere to safe driving practices and to ensure they drive sober or utilize a designated driver during the holiday season. Motorists are also given a candy cane, impaired driving resources, MADD red ribbons as well as wrist bands that entitle them to a free hot beverage from Tim Horton's. Each enforcement services department provides the candy canes for the events taking place in their respective municipalities. Impaired driving resources are ordered through the MADD chapter and traffic safety resources are ordered from Saferoads.

The partnerships that have been created are instrumental in enhancing communication between first responders as a whole and the public. A unified first responders presence gently reinforces the message that road safety is a responsibility for all. The unified visual presence reminds the public that lapses in judgment and safety can yield devastating consequences. The Candy Cane Safety Checkstops provide an opportunity for emergency services and community partners to get together, celebrate the holiday season and wish good cheer to the motoring public. The Candy Cane Safety Checkstops were held in the three municipalities located in the Tri-Region. They included the City of Spruce Grove, Town of Stony Plain and Parkland County.

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"This is a great opportunity for the public to see Peace Officers as caring citizens interested in the safety and well being of the community we serve. Frequently they see us in an enforcement capacity. It lifts the spirit and good will exchanged. It enhances community relations." - A/Sgt Emily Evjen, Spruce Grove Enforcement Services
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"Every opportunity to remind the community about impaired driving is important. With the all the other methods of transportation, from a cheap bus ride, to an 'expensive' tow truck, it's FAR better than getting charged with impaired, or worse off killing someone. Tuber Towing fully supports Candy Cane Safety Checkstops, and will be at every event we can to share the knowledge and appreciation of those who don't drink and drive." - Matt Huber, Tuber Towing and Recovery
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