Buckle Up Wood Buffalo

Buckle Up Wood Buffalo, a division of Safe Community Wood Buffalo, works across the region to increase child passenger safety!


Passenger child safety awareness is heightened in the Wood Buffalo region as local Child Passenger Safety Technicians partner with RCMP, regional emergency services, the Hub Family Resource Centre, and Child Development Day Homes to conduct child safety seat inspections and share information with parents and caregivers.

2018 Statistics Show Results!

During inspections, Child Passenger Safety Technicians collect information on whether each child safety was installed correctly when it arrive and, if not, how many adjustments were required.

In 2017, only 13% of inspected seats were installed correctly on arrival. In 2018, 30% were installed correctly! But that still means that 70% of seats inspected in 2018 needed adjustment. In fact, of that 70%, more than half needed 2 or more adjustments to be installed correctly.

The work of Buckle Up Wood Buffalo is building momentum in Fort McMurray and the surrounding rural communities through partnerships, media engagements, and the hard work of dedicated techs and educators. We're confident that we'll see another big increase in correct child safety seat use by the end of 2019!


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