Make yourself visible on a motorcycle by following these 5 steps

Staying safe means being visible. Since motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles, they can be difficult to see on roadways and in parking lots. Here's how to make sure you're seen.

1) Use reflective tape

Place reflective tape around your wheel rims and on any part of your motorcycle that is closest to a light source. At night, reflective tape will make your motorcycle look like a bigger vehicle.

2) Wear bright safety gear

You're just as visible as your bike when you're on the road. Wearing high visibility jackets and helmets like orange, yellow and white instantly draw other motorists' eyes to you.

3) Ride a bright bike

A brightly-coloured motorcycle increases your chance of being noticed by other motorists. Riding a black or darkly coloured bike makes it even harder for drivers to see you.

4) Avoid blind spots

Whether you're driving on the highway or parking, always position yourself where other drivers can see you. Motorcycles can be difficult for drivers to see in their rear-view mirrors. Find a lane position where you can be seen by all cars on the road.

5) Use your brakes

If another vehicle is following you too closely or you're concerned that they're not slowing down fast enough behind you, tap your brakes. By doing so, your brakes will act like a giant blinker light warning other motorists of your location and distance from theirs.