Updated speed limits and fines when passing emergency vehicles, construction zones, and tow trucks

Laws for driving in safety zones help protect our police officers, firefighters, ambulance workers, tow truck drivers, and construction workers on busy Alberta roadways.

What are the laws?
Drivers and motorcyclists must slow to 60km/h (or less if the posted speed is lower) when passing stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks, or gas utility vehicles that have their flashing lights on and are on the same side of the highway. In construction zones, follow the posted speed. In most cases, signs will state if workers are on site. 

When workers or emergency responders are present, fines for speeding in those areas are doubled.

What are the doubled fines?

Speed Demerit Points Taken Fine Range
1-15 km over 2 $78-120, includes surcharge
$156-241, includes surcharge
16-30 km over 3 $140-239, includes surcharge
$280-478, includes surcharge
31-50 km over 4 $253-474, includes surcharge
$506-949, includes surcharge
Over 51 km over 6 Mandatory Court appearance. Fines are at the discretion of the Court.

Driving Reminders:

  • Construction or maintenance zones will have roadway signs in advance to warn motorists that road work is being done. Even if there are no signs, your fine could be doubled if workers are present
  • Flashing lights from emergency response vehicles will warn you of a problem ahead
  • When approaching an emergency or a construction/maintenance situation, use caution and slow down
  • Always be aware that vehicles ahead of you may stop suddenly
  • Obey directions by flag people or emergency workers
  • Avoid watching the emergency and keep focused on driving
  • Always leave plenty of space between your vehicle and other people and equipment parked or being operated at these locations

Visit 511.alberta.ca for up-to-date road information, including traffic delays and road construction.

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