Congratulations to all our successful 2017/2018 grant applicants! All grant funds for this year have been awarded, and the ATSF is now closed. Applications will be accepted for the 2018/19 year in April 2018.

The ALBERTA TRAFFIC SAFETY FUND (ATSF) is a key tool to support communities and stakeholders in mobilizing around local traffic safety priorities in line with Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan (TSP) and vision zero philosophies.

Vision zero will help all of us recognize that transportation-related deaths and serious injuries are neither acceptable nor inevitable. They can be prevented if we all make safety a top priority. Everyone is accountable for transportation safety, and we each need to play our part.

The purpose of the ATSF is to enable community-based, collaborative traffic safety projects that build community capacity to identify and address local traffic safety priorities.

For more information about the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund please email