Correct bad driving habits before it's too late

Did you know?
86% of collisions involve driver error

As a driver, you're a key part of decreasing fatal and serious injury collisions. Pay attention to your actions and take responsibility for making safe choices.

Common Driver Errors

1. Following to closely

Tailgating, or not leaving enough space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you, can be fatal since you don't have enough time to stop quickly.

2. Running off the road

Due to tire conditions, vehicle speed, road surfaces, braking too quickly, or accelerating, you can lose control of your vehicle.

3. Turning left into oncoming traffic

When traffic approaches from more than one direction, drivers often misjudge the the time and space needed to turn and can get hit.

Remember these three common errors next time you're on the road and make an effort to correct them. It means safer roads for all of us.