If you're hitting the open road in an RV, drive safely and comfortably with these tips

For many of us, summer means hitting the open road, getting back to nature and enjoying all of the comforts of home in a fully equipped RV. To make sure families ride safely and comfortably throughout the summer, RV drivers need to keep several things in mind.

Before you leave, complete a checklist to make sure your RV is in good working order.

Driving Tips and Reminders

  1. RVs have wide turning patterns. You may have to swing into another lane to round a corner.
  2. If you are towing a trailer with your RV, make sure the hitch is suitable for the trailer's weight and is fitted with approved safety chains or cables - any trailer weighing more than 910 kg must be fitted with its own set of brakes.
  3. The turning radius of an RV increases with a trailer in tow
  4. Your total vehicle length can't exceed 20 metres
  5. RVs are heavy. They take longer to stop and are more difficult to steer around other vehicles.
  6. RVs can't accelerate quickly. Be cautious when passing other vehicles.
  7. Learn how your RV reacts to sudden manoeuvres and high winds to avoid being caught by surprise
  8. When backing up your RV, have a "co-pilot" help you park it by standing outside and using hand signals