It's up to you to make sure your guests get home safely. Here's how to plan in advance.

Have you thought about how your guests are getting home after your party ends? Read our tips on hosting responsibility.

Set the stage
Let your guests know that no one drives away from your party under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Include a time limit on your party invitation
  • Ask guests to leave their keys at the door. Don't return the keys unless you feel it's safe to do so.
  • Plan ahead to designate a driver who will stay sober and drive drinking guests to and from home
  • Display the number for a taxi who can drive all guests safely

Serve the right food and drinks

Make a few tweaks to your guests' favourites to keep them safe.

  • High-protein foods stay in the stomach longer and slow the absorption of alcohol
  • Carbonated mixers like pop speed the absorption of alcohol. Opt for a fizz-less mix instead.
  • Guests are less likely to over drink if they can keep track of the amount they've consumed. Standard alcoholic beverages are 1 oz. of alcohol to a minimum of 6 oz. of mix
  • Short-pouring a drink won't affect the taste, but will reduce the amount of alcohol your guests have at the party. Instead of 1 oz. of alcohol, pour a 1/2 oz. into a mixed drink instead.

What happens if a guest over does it?
If you have any doubt about your guests' safety, don't let them drive. Offer them a place to stay to "sleep it off." Remember, as the host you may be held legally liable for the damages caused by an impaired driver who drank too much at your party.