If you need a reason to choose not to drive impaired, consider these consequences that could occur if you drive impaired and get into a collision:

  1. You could hurt or kill someone you care about.
  2. You could hurt or kill yourself.
  3. You could hurt or kill an innocent stranger.
  4. You could have your licence suspended and your vehicle seized.
  5. You could get arrested and face trial.
  6. You could get a criminal record.


Impaired driving is 100% preventable! One easy way for you and your friends to keep each other safe is to have a designated driver (DD). A DD is someone who stays sober (i.e. doesn't consume alcohol or drugs). Here are some tips for making it work:

  • Decide in advance who will be the DD so everyone is ready. It can be more difficult for the DD if you 'pull straws' or choose at the event, since they may have been expecting to consume.
  • Consider the size of your group. Do you need more than one DD to get everyone to and from home safely?
  • Make sure your DD doesn't have conditions on their licence that will prevent them from being the DD. Remember drivers with a Class 7 Learner's Licence are not allowed to drive from midnight to 5am.
  • The DD should make it clear to everyone how long they're willing to stay out, and everyone should respect that time line.
  • At private events, make sure there are non-alcoholic drinks available for the DD - the DD may want to bring their own favourite non-alcoholic drink.


If your group hasn't identified a DD, or if the DD unexpectedly had to leave or chose to consume, you can still find a safe way home for everyone. You can call a taxi or a ride share service. And did you know there are for-hire designated driving services? These services operate much like a taxi or ride share, but they drive you home in your own vehicle.

Check out the AMA's list of some of the DD programs in Alberta.