Make yourself visible on a bicycle by following these tips

When you're cycling, you're smaller than other vehicles and more vulnerable in a collision. Here's how to make sure you're visible.

Use reflective tape

Place reflective tape around your wheels and on any part of your bicycle that's closest to a light source. At night, reflective tape will make your bicycle look bigger than it is. It's also required by law to use reflective tape anytime you ride your bicycle after dark and to mount one red reflector on the rear of your bike.

Wear bright safety gear

You're just as visible as your bicycle when you're on the road. Wearing high visibility clothing in bright colours like orange, yellow and white instantly draw other motorists' eyes to you. Learn about other recommended clothing.

Use Bike Boxes

Look for bike boxes at intersections. They give you a head start when turning and have proven to significantly reduce the number of collisions between right-turning motorists and cyclists travelling straight through the intersection. They also improve safety for pedestrians.

Avoid the "Door Zone"

Whether you're driving on the highway or parking, always position yourself where other motorists can see you. The Door Zone is a one metre area along the side of a parked car where an opening door can hit and seriously injure you while riding. When approaching parked cars, even if you're in a bike lane, always ride on the left side of the lane so that you're away from vehicles. Slow down and pass carefully out of the door zone if you see someone in their car.

Signal Your Intent

When a person uses a hand signal they should use their left arm and when turning left point it straight out. To turn right bend the arm up at the elbow (90 degrees). To slow down or stop bend their arm downward (90 degrees).