Clothes and equipment to keep you safer

Along with mandatory safety gear required to keep you and others safe, consider adding a few recommended pieces to stay visible and prepared on roads or pathways.


  • Helmets are required equipment for cyclists under the age of 18
  • All adults are encouraged to wear helmets to protect themselves while cycling
  • Children will follow the lead of adults wearing helmets
  • Riders of power bicycles can now choose to wear a bicycle helmet instead of a motorcycle helmet. View the exemption.


  • Choose brightly coloured or reflective clothing to make yourself more visible while cycling
  • Dress for the weather with items that will keep you warm and dry
  • Wear gloves that will protect your hands from dirt and debris
  • Avoid wearing headphones since you'll be less likely to hear traffic and warning signs


  • Carry a small backpack or place saddlebags on the side of your bike to keep your hands free
  • Attach a basket to your handlebars for added storage
  • Use a rack to hold your water bottle on the base of your bike


  • Since trailers attached to your bike can be hard to see, place a red flag at rider height to improve your visibility
  • Especially when riding on highways, using brightly coloured flags to help motorists see you and your cargo

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