Share the road with dedicated bike lanes and more

Obey the rules, avoid cyclist fines, and stay safe on roadways by following signage and pavement markings. Learn what options you have for cycling along highways, sidewalks, pathways, and intersections.

Bike-Friendly Routes

Dedicated Bike Lanes
Your safest option while cycling

Bike lanes are only for cyclists and can't be used by other motorists. When you're riding beside parked cars or other vehicles, always keep to the left side of any lane. That way, you're outside of the "door zone," which is the area along the side of a parked car when an opening door can hit or seriously injure you while riding your bike.

Contraflow Bike Lanes
Ride against traffic on a one-way street

A single or double solid yellow line marked with an arrow that indicates the direction of travel is a contraflow lane. Be cautious while riding past oncoming traffic.

Shared-Use Lanes
Ride alongside other vehicles

Look for pavement markings that say "Sharrow" or signage stating if you should ride in single file or beside other vehicles on the highway or pathway.

Bike Box
Become more visible to motorists at intersections

As a cyclist, you're smaller and more vulnerable than other vehicles on the road. To help you become more visible, look for bike boxes at intersections. They give you a head start when turning and have proven to significantly reduce the number of collisions between right-turning motorists and cyclists travelling straight through the intersection. They also improve safety for pedestrians.

Know the rules for shared-use

If a sidewalk has signage stating that it's shared-use, cyclists can ride there. Otherwise, only bicycles with wheels less than 50cm in diameter (the size of a child's bike) are permitted on sidewalks and pathways. Remember to give the right-of-way to pedestrians and always use an audible signal like a bike bell or horn before passing someone. To help keep yourself and others from getting injured, travel at a safe speed.

Learn the fines for cyclist infractions