Learn the fines you can face for cycling impaired

Did you know?
If you're caught cycling while impaired, you can be charged

Bicycles are often used to get to parties, visit friends, or travel to bars or restaurants. Drinking and cycling, however, shouldn't happen. Alcohol impairs your ability to operate your bicycle safely and you could face penalties if you decide to ride.

Is it legal to drink and cycle?

Only drivers operating a motor vehicle can be charged with impaired driving. That said, if an officer sees that you're under the influence of alcohol, he or she can use other charges to ticket you.

What charges can impaired cyclists face?

Depending on where and how an officer identifies that alcohol is impacting your ability to cycle safely, an officer can charge you with (and not limited to) the following infractions:

  • Intoxication in a public place
  • Consuming alcohol not in a licensed establishment or residence (if a cyclist has open alcohol in public)
  • Operating a bicycle in a careless manner

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