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About Saferoads

Every year, hundreds of Albertans are killed in traffic collisions. Every one of those people was someone's family member or friend.

In 2007, Alberta became the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce a traffic safety plan. Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan: Saving Lives on Alberta’s Roads (TSP) was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and was Alberta’s blueprint for meeting targets set out in the national strategy, Canada’s Road Safety Vision 2010. The purpose of the TSP was to identify priority safety challenges and to develop ways for government, enforcement, and community safety stakeholders to work cooperatively together.

In 2012, an updated strategy – Traffic Safety Plan 2015  – was developed to build on the successes of the first plan and to keep a focus on priority safety areas such as impaired driving, speed, use of occupant restraints, and intersections.

Since then Alberta Transportation has been considering the vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on Alberta’s roads. With Vision Zero under consideration we hope to recognize that transportation-related deaths and serious injuries are neither acceptable nor inevitable. They can be prevented if we all make safety a top priority. Everyone is accountable for transportation safety – we each need to play our part.

Saferoads is a key tool for sharing information and resources as we strive toward Vision Zero. On this site, you can learn about rules of the road, note frequently asked questions and become familiar with our education and awareness activities supporting the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar.

Additionally you can order free resources to support local traffic safety initiatives within your community and apply for funding through the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund. You can also find important contact information regarding our team of Community Mobilization Consultants who work across the province to support communities and stakeholders in identifying and addressing local traffic safety challenges.

As you explore Saferoads, we encourage you to think about the impact you can have in your own community to improve safety on our roads. Whether it’s through the safer decisions you personally make as a road user, or through collaboration with others in your community, there are information and resources here to help!


Transportation Safety Plan

A new plan to save more lives

Alberta’s first Traffic Safety Plan, the first strategy of its kind in Canada, was introduced in 2007. The number of collisions, deaths and injuries on Alberta’s roads has declined considerably since the implementation of this plan.

Alberta Transportation Safety Plan ›

Traffic Safety Calendar

Planning for the year ahead

The Traffic Safety Calendar highlights important traffic safety topics from across Alberta each month. Enforcement agencies and other stakeholders work together using an integrated strategy to ensure that all enforcement and communication is aligned with the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar.

Safety Calendar ›


Drivers reminded to stay safe at intersections

January 3rd 2018

The Government of Alberta is reminding all road users, especially drivers of automobiles, to use precaution at intersections.

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Drunk or high – don’t drive!

December 1st 2017

Driving impaired – drunk or high – can cost your licence, your money, your health or someone’s life.

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It’s safer to walk when eyes lock

October 1st 2017

Safety is a shared responsibility and when drivers and pedestrians make eye contact with each other, crossing the street is much safer.

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