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About Saferoads

Every year, hundreds of Albertans are killed in traffic collisions. Every one of those people was someone's family member or friend.

Alberta's Office of Traffic Safety seeks to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roadways through communications programs and road safety funding.


Transportation Safety Plan

A new plan to save more lives

Alberta’s first Traffic Safety Plan, the first strategy of its kind in Canada, was introduced in 2007. The number of collisions, deaths and injuries on Alberta’s roads has declined considerably since the implementation of this plan.

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Traffic Safety Calendar

Planning for the year ahead

The Traffic Safety Calendar highlights important traffic safety topics from across Alberta each month. Enforcement agencies, Regional Traffic Safety Consultants and other stakeholders work together using an integrated strategy to ensure that all enforcement and communication is aligned with the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar.

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Safe speeds can save lives

April 4th 2017

Nearly one in four fatal collisions involves unsafe speeds.

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Stop the texts and you’ll stop the wrecks

February 8th 2017

Distracted driving is rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous driving behaviours.

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Bad habits collide in intersections

January 5th 2017

What driver error most frequently contributes to a casualty collision in an intersection?

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