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Traffic Safety in Alberta 

Live to see your graduation drive responsibly.

One in five new drivers is involved in a collision during their first two years of driving.

Young Driver Facts

  • Over five years, 226 young drivers and motorcyclists (aged 14 24) were killed and 12,883 were injured in collisions (2010-2014).

  • Although young drivers represented 14 per cent of the province's licensed drivers in 2014, they comprised more than 20 per cent of the drivers involved in casualty collisions.

  • Fatal collisions involving a young driver occur most often in September (2010-2014).

  • One-third of young drivers killed in a collision were not wearing their seatbelt (2010-2014).

  • Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is a program designed to improve road safety by creating a low risk, controlled environment for new drivers, regardless of age. The GDL program ensures that new drivers get the support, skills and experience they need to handle the complex task of driving.

  • Young drivers are more likely to commit a driver error than other drivers. The most common errors include following too closely, running off the road, making a left turn across the path of an oncoming vehicle and stop sign violations (2010-2014).

Learn more about Alberta's Graduated Driver Licensing Program.

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Last Updated March 31, 2016