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Traffic Safety in Alberta 

Motorcycle Safety is the focus for July

Motorcycles are less stable and less visible than cars and often have high performance capabilities. When motorcycles crash, their riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle so they are more likely to get injured or killed.

Sharing the road and driving safely is the key to reducing collisions. Drivers play a large role in motorcycle safety. On a motorcycle, a rider is vulnerable. Be aware of motorcyclists on the road and give them the space they need.

For motorcycle operators:

  • Ride defensively - keep your lights on and choose a lane that provides an escape route;

  • ride on the left portion of the lane in order to see oncoming traffic;

  • make eye contact with drivers who may be about to pull into your path;

  • keep in mind that when drivers, cyclists and pedestrians see you approaching they may misjudge your distance and speed;

  • watch out for left-turning vehicles at intersections;

  • be aware of dangerous road surfaces such as slippery roads, uneven surfaces, railroad tracks, grooved pavement and sand and gravel, which may drastically affect the handling of a motorcycle;

  • stay out of a vehicle's blind spots and remember that motorcycles can be difficult for drivers to see in their rear-view mirrors; and

  • don't drink and ride as alcohol affects vision, judgment, motor skills and your sense of balance.

  • sharing the road safely is one of the keys to having other road users respect you as a motorcyclist.

Watch these YouTube videos to get tips from motorcyclists on motorcycle safety.

For drivers of other vehicles:

  • Share the road - look twice for.

  • Never underestimate the speed of a motorcycle. Their size makes their speed deceptive.

  • For more information visit motorcycle safety.

    For driving tips, visit

    Listen to Behind the Wheel Radio spot.

Last Updated July 16, 2014